Friday, November 2, 2012

Miles and miles and miles of smiles!

This is what I have been waiting months for, my new schedule from Coach Doug for the last 10 weeks run up to Houston has arrived. I have been asking for big miles for what seems like forever and he has asked that I demonstrate patience and has assured me 'they are coming'. 

They have arrived. I actually talked him up a bit from the original schedule he sent through. It had me down to run in the Rungirl half in early December but despite us 'running through' that one it still showed dropped milage the week before and week after and the 1st 3 weeks were not as high as I'd have liked. So, being the negotiator that I am I asked for more miles and told him I was willing (sad but willing) to drop the half if it meant more miles were possible. I think he is happier with this plan as it sees an uninterrupted build up to Houston and I am happy I have the kind of miles that are going to kick my fitness level to where it needs to be come January. 
Just a side note here, I have been base building forever now and Doug is VERY strict about the 10% rule for weekly total miles and long runs. I feel like I am pushing against him all the time to do more and I know that's one of the reasons him having the final say on what goes is so important, he is not reckless with my health. 

So starting next week my weekly milage looks like this:

77, 82, 90, 78, 99, 100, 102, 93, 68 and 24.

This is HUGE for me. I have only run one marathon before and there was no plan. I also don't keep a training schedule but from memory know I was only doing around 50 miles a week. My track sessions were equally unorganized and consisted of around 3/4 800's with maybe a mile thrown in every now and again. On that preparation I ran 3:13. It will be very interesting to see what I can run off of this type of work. 

I also asked that I get to 'taper hard' as I can't stand not running! It throws my routine out and especially over the Festive Period when school is out and my husband is at home and our routine goes haywire anyway, I need it to hold onto for the sake of my metal health and the general safety of my entire family (I need those endorphins) ;) (winking but actually 100% sincere!)

The track sessions have been moved to a Thursday for logistical reasons that involve a locked track, knowing someone with a key and having company on the MONSTER sessions I have been set! Unfortunately the guy I was hoping would keep me company on these sessions is out of town for most of November but as my husband is also going offshore for 3 weeks I will be treadmill bound anyway. That or I might venture outside the Y and mark up the greenbelt with some chalk and get the sessions done that way. 

I am happy with the balance of intimidation (blind terror) and excitement I feel looking at this schedule. Just getting through some of the individual sessions will be a victory (the 'Gut Buster' looks particularly fun!) Also stacking up all those miles will not be easy and I'm not taking anything for granted. If anything starts to hurt or I'm just not coping I will let Doug know but I am relishing the challenge. 

If successful I know that I have given myself the best possible chance of standing on the start line come January 13th feeling 100% confident that I have kicked my butt into the best shape possible in what will be 2 years back into running. That's very important to me, if my head knows I've done the work then my body can't help but agree. 

But talk is cheap, time to get to work! 

Very happy camper.

I think I mentioned before that I also want to drop a few pounds before the marathon. I have been watching what I eat more closely than I would otherwise (the only monitoring I did before was watch whatever I fancied go in my mouth) and am hoping that and the increased milage will take care of the junk in my trunk! I get a mixed response when I mention I want to lose a little bit of weight. Some people think I'm nuts and BELIEVE me its not for aesthetic reasons, I feel more attractive with something to actually put in my bra but who wants to carry extra for 26.2 miles? Not I! 

In other matters H, N our respective better halves and myself are having an extremely rare night out tomorrow night. I have stocked up on International beers and ales and we will have our own late Octoberfest at mine before hitting the local It is going to get messy, no doubt. We have 9 kids between the 3 of us, we are runners and not HUGE drinkers (well N might be ;)) and we are stay at home types, that can only lead to carnage on a rare night out. It will be fun to relax with these guys in a different setting from our usual one and it's not lost on me that it will probably be the one and only time we get together in this way with H before she and her family leave for Colorado. I am pushing that thought to the back of my mind. I miss her fast ass already.



  1. Wish I had the time, energy, and the younger body to do those miles...

    1. me too! Total fail so far this week, I am only 2 days in and am 19 miles down! Hoping my husband doesn't have a late night tonight so I can go out and gain those 19 back. Life has not been kind the last 2 days bloody kids ;s!