Sunday, April 14, 2013

5k time again

Just a very quick update, not that there's much to report really. I have the Dr's on Wednesday when they are going to have me swallow a little camera and take a look at my small intestine to make sure the bleeding isn't coming form there. I don't think it is, I think it's the same haemorrhoids as before but the Dr thinks otherwise? I have continued with keeping dairy to a minimum, I am pretty stupid and don't realise all the things that dairy is in so have not cut it out 100% (ok, so I know it's in chocolate but I'm eating it, the end.) The copious amounts of milk I was having has gone and I do notice a improvement in the stomach department but no huge cure I was hoping for. 
Having said that, this week has been a success, I'm still stopping but not as often and I'm getting the miles in. Yesterday was 20 with 8 recovery today with no huge problems, I'll take it.

The pollen that seems to affect me so hugely in Feb/March has gone and I am breathing easy again, so with this renewed vigour I asked coach Doug if we could target a 5k on May 25th in The Woodlands. It's a while off but it's nice to have something to shoot at and it's the first available weekend when soccer will have stopped and we will only have swim team to 'deal' with, so is logistically doable ish. 

My 5k PR is 19:30, so not exactly setting the heather on fire. I haven't run too many 5k's and we are not the best of friends. I used to think of myself as being fast, I think I kind of was in my youth? But these days...... I need to try to rediscover some speed so asked Doug for a schedule that was high in miles but full of fast stuff too and he has duly obliged, thank you AGAIN Coach Doug :)

So time to get back to work and be focused again, just hope my stomach cooperates.  

Hopefully when May 25th comes I'll have a 5k PR that begins 18:??, that would be nice. 

Then it will be around the time to get focused on Chicago and the fun really begins :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Spoke to soon 

Back to having some major discomfort with my 'stomach', I was worried I had spoken too soon. 20 miles on Saturday became 10, the weekend before 23 became 16.
It is frustrating the sh*t out of me. I got told today that I look so good when I run and I'm lucky because, as the nice lady who told me this had 'not been made by god to run', presumably she thought I had? sigh. I spared her the gory details but did let her know that every step of my 8 miles with 6 x 1 mile repeats at 6:30, were fairly uncomfortable. It was supposed to be 10 miles but I called it a day after the repeats were done.
I didn't mention the frequent bathroom stops to pass mostly blood or the constant ache I have in my rear end and stomach whilst I run and sometimes for a while after. She was trying to give me a compliment after all, poor lady, I apologised for my response but she caught me at the wrong time and I found myself being the crazy lady who gives her life story when a simple 'thank you' was all that was required!

Back to the bum Dr on Friday, maybe he can help.

This is driving me crazy, I just want to run. 

answers on a postcard please.