Saturday, November 17, 2012

The price of a 20 miler

What does a 20 miler cost?..... $50 of course! That's what it cost me today to have one of my running buddies daughter come and feed my kids breakfast so I could go out to play! My husband is still offshore thus the sitter. 

Today was wonderful. I left the house t 4:45 and started my run at 5am, running the 1st 4 miles solo then hooking up with H who needed 16. We ran the 1st 6 (10 for me) at around 8min/mile pace but then picked up the last 10 as planned. Our range is 7:15-8:00 and we wanted the last 10 to be at the faster end of the range. We succeeded! It felt fantastic, the whole run was in the 40's and my stomach problem that has been bothering me for the best part of a fortnight has gone. It is so nice to run pain free and not have to ditch in the trees...well that's not true, still had to ditch but my bladder will never be the same after 3 kids ;)

Whilst my thighs felt heavy the entire time, full of lead heavy, I still felt good. Fast and strong. I am getting stronger, there's no doubt. I have never been able to keep my pace so strong and have it feel easy with my legs feeling so full of junk. All I could think was 'what could I do if my legs felt good?!'

My splits for last 10 were: 7:34, 7:21, 7:17, 7:15, 7:19, 7:10, 7:00, 7:04, 7:03, 6:52.
And thus concludes an 82 mile week. 

I ran my mile reps outside across the bridge on Thursday. They sucked. They were slower than they prescribed 6:10-6:15 but it was windy and as I think I mentioned flat it is not, I mean they're not up Mount Everest but an incline is an incline during a mile rep right?! I missed the finish on the 5th of 7 and ran way past it. I could be heard shouting some profanity, to nobody in particular as to where the beep my stump had gone (a tree stump marks my finish line in one direction). 
This session has 1 minute recovery and wipes me out like no other session. I mean todays 20 has nothing on this session. On the inclines all I could think was 'fiery balls of fire' as my calves were burning up nicely and I felt places in my rear end I didn't know existed - good stuff! I think these contributed to my heavy legs during todays run.

This is my bridge, look it might not look like a hill but I'm telling you I feel it, I think the photo is deceptive ;)

Spoke to Coach Doug about recovery runs and paces and he told me not to worry about the pace but to make sure I run them EASY. He said he knows it's hard to run that slow but I will benefit as it will allow the fast stuff to remain fast whilst maintaining a high milage. 
I have been taking them easy but I'm such a jerk sometimes. I have ditched the treadmill and have been running over the bridge above all week (we're not allowed to go any further from the Y if we have kids in the creche). Over and back, over and back, over and back you get the picture. Anyway, I found myself racing people the other day. Thoughts like 'I wonder if I could catch her by that sign', or 'I bet I could catch them before I have to turn', etc etc etc. What a neep (Scottish for turnip, and in this case idiot) I am. So what was supposed to be easy started getting in the 7:30 range the day after mile reps. I WILL behave in future (I did catch them though :)). 

So, to surmise, I feel great, tired, legs full of running but great. I knew big mile would give me the boost I needed and I'm only 2 weeks in with lots still to come. I just need to keep healthy and I'll be in good shape come Houston. 

Tomorrows recovery 12 marks the start of a 90 mile week and the most miles I've ever run in a week. Alas no mile reps, instead Thanksgiving see's me on the track with a session comprised of: 2000, 8x800, 2000. Gulp, might actually miss those mile repeats ;) I just need to find someone to watch my kids.........

Random thought time. I HATE my doorbell. With 3 kids, there is never a good time for anyone to ring it. I have tried and failed to take it to bits with a screwdriver so last week resorted to this:

Today the postman had a parcel for me and he KNOCKED at the door. When I opened it he asked in a slightly scared voice 'did I wake the baby?' Yes he was sleeping, no he didn't wake him. Ha, success! 

I keep adding to this post but I forgot to ask a question. Today I ran these 20 miles and had zero water (not a single mouthful) and didn't eat anything. It was really cold and I did carry water for all of 2.5 miles (from miles 10-12.5) when I ditched it behind a tree. I did have toast and marmalade and a cup of tea 45 mins before I started. My question is this: I have problems any time I try to drink any sports drink or take any of these power blast type things. I mean they mess me up badly and I HATE it. I can suffer all day after just having some gatorade. Do I NEED to take these things during a marathon, I mean if it's cold as it was today and I'm really not sweating much? I am half tempted to try but don't want to run out of steam. I am so clueless on this area of running. help!


  1. HI there

    that is a good question, So let us start here: Water, you will need water, the harder you run the sooner you will need it, I can run for 2hours easy and not need water. Now that can be in the heat of at African Sun, I can do it and will be OK but will need to drink after. Now try running hard!!! you need drink. Sports Drink or gu or what ever are not really needed. You can get away without it. So before your marathon start running with Water and drink it evern if you don't need it, because on race day you will need it and you need to know what works for you.

    now running for 3 hour can depleat energy stores in the body, but i guess you can survive. A friend on mine doesn't like sports drinks or Coke (give here at races in Cape Town) so all he takes is water and a couple of jelly babies... (they work just fine)

    Good luck with the baby sitter thing...

  2. I drink water during the summer here, lots of it and then lots more when I stop. So you think running hard for around 3 hours only needs water, interesting. I can't help but feel that the massive industry that has been built up around all these 'sports' drinks and food supplements and tells us that we NEED to use them might be slightly biased!!! Of course there must come a point when we need more fuel I just wonder if I would reach that point in around 3 hours in winter? I think I might carry some kind of real food on me, chopped up salty/sweet bar of some description and maybe eat some at around the 2 hour mark (will experiment during my longer training runs). My worst experience was with sports beans, took a couple before I ran a half and had crippling pain for hours after - not fun, give me cild birth any day!
    Thank you again for your input, this area is so mysterious to me, runners with their specially preprepared concoctions and strange fuels intimidates me a little! What do they know that I don't? Maybe nothing?! ;)

  3. Hey Vicky! Thanks for finding my blog! Although you say we have something in common about only running one full marathon, it is obvious that our speeds are completely uncommon to each other. Good Grief! You're so freakin' fast! Way to be! I'll have to follow your blog to get some tips on how to get faster. :) Have a happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Hi, thanks (trying to get faster!) I was a bit sad to read you don't really enjoy running too much, I would much rather my blog helped you do that - who cares how fast you go but you GOT to love it ;) It is no coincidence that I have rediscovered running after having 3 kids in 3 and a bit years of course, that ensures I enjoy every second of the time to myself running has given me! Maybe you just need to have a tonne of kids?! ;D

  4. Glad you got your 20 in while he was gone. That note is HILARIOUS! I might have to try it... thankfully, our doorbell is broken at the moment and we're not fixing it for that reason.