Sunday, October 28, 2012

Houston Half 

I'll keep it brief, I had the perfect day today, I felt rested it was cold and the course was fairly flat. I've been working hard, time for a BIG PR. Fail.

I did PR but not by much 1:28:40 and the worse thing is I think I was my own undoing. I ate something yesterday evening that I know can mess me up but haven't had it for ages and was craving it so did (Alpen for those interested!). The result, stomach cramps for the majority of the run today. I had to ditch into the trees at around the 9 mile mark and had waves of cramps throughout the race. 

Ok, the positives. In between the cramps I felt great, strong and my breathing was easy. I PR'd and had what was probably around a 30-40s toilet stop so of course I know there's more in there. My stomach is feeling a good bit better now, still not out of the woods (pun intended) and my childish feeling sorry for myself mood has almost lifted. 

Lesson learned, no high fibre cereal less than 24 hours before a race, my stomach can't take it. 

H ran an outstanding race, 1:25 and change! that's more than a 6 min PR! N also beat me by a few seconds. 

2nd in Age Group, I didn't hang around, we gave Coach Doug his whiskey and scampered, I was not feeling up to breakfast and just needed to get home. Only one emergency stop on the way home so that wasn't too bad!

I have never been so disappointed with a PR run in my life, I let myself down with a school girl error. 

Still, onwards and upwards! The big miles are coming and some serious track/threshold sessions too so time to get the head down and get on with it. I forgot what a child I am when I have a disappointing run! Suck it up buttercup ;)


  1. So you had a bad run and only ran 88:40... that leaves room for improvment!

  2. For the majority of us, that is still a dream time- congrats! I was spectating and watched a number of the top women come through. I'm sure I saw you, although I wasn't exactly sure which one you were! It was definitely the ideal day with those cool temps.

  3. Glad you didn't see me disappear off into the trees, you might have got an eye full :s AND there were porta loos half a mile on but it was half a mile too far for me! :D It was such perfect running weather, I am kicking myself for mucking it up but still a PR and an indication I am at least moving in the right direction.

  4. u HAVE to at least force urself to be happy with a PR. yes it stinks knowing u prolly could have gone even faster, but u learn from every mistake and going forward u def won't be messing with the fiber foods! good job, recognize a hard effort done, and keep getting after it! :)

    1. Thanks, yes as long as I do learn from it! I think its just who I am, I find it hard to be happy when I know I could have down better. It's maybe things like this that helps fuel the fire?! Easy week this week then Coach Doug has promised I have big miles to come :) Can't wait to get my new schedule!