Tuesday, October 2, 2012

69 Mile week :)

Only 3 days into the highest mileage week that Coach Doug has ever set me and...so far so good. It began with 10 miles recovery run on Sunday with H and N which was a bit faster than the prescribed 8:30-9 min/mile pace but not by too much. 
Then Monday was one of my favorites, 7 miles with 6x3mins at 6:30 pace on an incline of 3 (yes I was on the treadmill, what's new?!) with 1 min recovery. I felt strong, it it a tough one for me but I thoroughly enjoy how hard it makes me work. Just to prove how much it took out of me, I fell asleep on the couch in the afternoon which NEVER happens. I really love doing some 'hill' work, it hurts me in a way no other session does and it's so flat where I live I think it's important I have them in my schedule. 

Today was 10 easy miles at 8:30 pace, on the treadmill again, incline 1.5. H ALWAYS runs EVERYTHING on the treadmill at 1.5, even her threshold stuff (she is so strong!) and so I have been taking a leaf out of her book and cranking it up there but only for the easy miles, Wednesday threshold I leave at 0. I think it's important for me to get that session in at just under my lactic threshold and (here's the real reason) I love the way 6:30 miles feel on a 0 incline but am not as fond at 6:30 pace on a 1.5 incline ;) 

So tomorrow ought to be 7 total with 5 at 6:30 pace however I emailed Coach Doug today and asked if I could have a go at doing 8 at 6:30 pace (10 total). I feel I have it in me and would like a little confidence booster before my first race in FOREVER (crappy 5k's excluded!) 'Ten For Texas' in a week and a half time. He agreed but on the proviso I drop the extra  3 miles elsewhere (not my long run) so my weekly milage doesn't go up. So it's a done deal. I'm not going to go at the crack of dawn (last week I was at the Y and on the treadmill at 4:30am) as I can handle 5 or 6 threshold at that time of the morning but 8 will be much more manageable after a full nights sleep at 8:45, once I've dropped all the kids off at school. Yes, Wednesday is my ME day and Threshold day, got to love a Wednesday :)

On a sad note, H is leaving :( I knew it was coming but not until next summer so in true me style I had pushed it to the back of my mind. I don't deal with emotional stuff very well (understatement of the century). Now her husbands work has moved things forward so it looks like I will one fantastic friend and running buddy down by January. I am so sad about her going, it's funny how quickly you develop a deep bond with someone you run with. We have a lot else in common, 3 kids all the same age, soccer playing kids, the Y and husbands who put up with running wives! Oh, guess where she's going...Colorado, Denver to be precise. So I'm sad and just a tiny bit jealous too! Ok, a LOT jealous!!!! I am happy for her and her family, I know they are more suited to life there and have been wanting to make it their home so of course I'm happy but I'm so sad too. 
It's kind of weird for me to feel this way. I have moved continent twice now and didn't really feel too sad about going either time - is that awful? I knew I'd miss my granny and some friends when I left Scotland but it's struck me how much I don't want H to go. I think for the first time in my life I have found people in N and H who completely 'get me'. I don't have to explain or brush over the fact I run quite a lot. I don't have to try to play down how much it means to me or how important it has become in my life over the last 18 months or so. There are no explanations needed, they know because they feel exactly the same way. 
We have very similar views on lot's of things and can freely voice these opinions during our long runs together without fear of offending. I even get to swear at ease as N has a worse potty mouth than me! 
It's been a bit of a culture shock for me moving to Texas and it's so nice to have these girls to be myself around and say what I really think about....everything.
I have met so many people since I've moved here but I don't really 'click' with any of them like I do with these running girls. I think it's just the first time in my life I feel like I 'fit in', 100% fit in and it's nice. N better not go anywhere or I'm screwed!  

This is off on a tangent but I am also trying got shake a couple of pounds and have stopped eating once I put the kids down at night. That's when I usually go raid the cupboards and eat all the things I'm not supposed too. I'm actually a firm believer in all things in moderation and don't believe in denying myself what I fancy but I want to shake these pounds so night time snacking is out at the moment. I am sharing this as my husband is currently chowing down on the chorizo and is washing it down with a beer. Loving your work honey ;) Might go to bed so that HUGE bowl of porridge I make myself the instant I get up is here that bit sooner :D

What are you snacking on? Can I have some?


  1. My bad snacking habit- dried cereal. Eeek! It can get ugly if I have a new box.

    I'm really impressed with all your treadmill running. I used to do more of it, but have recently developed a severe hatred of the machine. And when I say hatred, I mean that I will do ANYTHING to avoid it.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Very nice mileage!! 8 miles @ 6:30 pace is super impressive. Good luck with that! You are a speedster!! I have to amp myself up for that workout and you make it sound like another day in the park :) Nice work!

    I've been snacking on Peanut Butter & Chocolate mixed nuts. I tell myself it's healthy because it's mainly almonds and pecans...lol. They are so addicting!

  3. Thanks ladies, I do love threshold runs like this (most of the time). Honestly, I think it's because they give me the biggest high :D I could live on cereal quite happily for the rest of my life but these 3 kids mean I have to spend hours cooking! I kind of love the treadmill, without it running would be hard and it means I can be lazy and sleep longer and one of the few things i love more than cereal is sleep! I'm just nervous about how treadmill translates to the real world but I'm about to find out with racing season upon us :s Money where your mouth is time!!!!!