Thursday, October 11, 2012

2 days to go...

until Ten for Texas. My husband picked my package up for me today (he works 10 minutes away from the Woodlands so makes for a good errand runner on such occasions). 
I'm excited, excited and nervous but healthy nervous! I talked to Doug, 
ok, I get the impression people here call their coaches 'Coach' but I can't do it. I grew up calling my coaches by their first name and it feels really weird to change to Coach now, I kind of feel like I'm 5. I can stretch to Coach Doug, but not to his face, to his face it's Doug. I digress.
I spoke to Doug and he wants me to go out conservatively (6:40-6:45) for the first 3-4 miles then try to pick it up to 6:25-6:30 pace. I know I could do it on the treadmill but not sure about on the road - hope so! 

I ran 6 easy today and felt my chest was tight which is really unusual seeing as I was indoors. H jumped on the treadmill next to me and when I told her she said the pollen count was high and it was bothering her eyes etc (she is my weather and pollen count girl). I am so fed up of the whole pollen thing here, I'm over it. I feel like I'm making the same excuse in virtually every race, 'oh it's too hot' 'oh the pollen count was high' BLAH! I will pop a pill Saturday morning and then forget about it, I double dare you to mess with me on Saturday weed pollen ;) Hopefully the pill will do the trick, I've been working quite hard and wouldn't mind a little reward for all the graft! 

I was going to go solo on Saturday but I met a friend today who told me I should take the kids as the post race party is pretty good and they'll enjoy it. We have time to get back for soccer so I caved and they will head up an hour or so later than me to hopefully see me finish and then enjoy the music and food. I like them to see me race but tend to end up being the one running around looking after them when I should be warming up so this way I can have the best of both worlds, stress free time before the start and then my favourite people in the world there to greet me when I finish. 

I'm going to put my neck on the line here and say I am 100% going to get a PR on Saturday (yes, it's my 1st ever 10 mile race). Now I just have to finish it. 

We enjoyed a couple of days of cool weather in Houston lately (yes it's back to summer temps again :( ). We made the most of it, look we're wearing COATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Bouncy pillows are not a good idea for mothers of 3, weak bladder (you see where I'm going with this?!)

 This is how we get to Elementary school every day, the penguin gets to ride her own bike on the pickup leg when we have more time.

3 of my 4 favourite people in the world who will be waiting for me at the finish line :)

Good luck to all those racing this weekend, marathon season is upon some of us I know! Looking forward to hearing about some PR runs out there!


  1. Good luck Vicky! Your training has been great and you are SO fast!! :) I hope you have a blast and a super good race. Cheering for you!

  2. Good luck and have fun! I <3 Texas!

  3. Best wishes to you in your race! That seems SO fast, but I know you can do it!!! Hope the weather is perfect for you.
    love the cuties in the pumpkins. And the school bus:)

  4. I hope your race went well! What cute pictures of your kids; I bet they were super proud to see you finish. :)