Monday, June 4, 2012

Time for another track meet....

It's nearly 3 weeks since my last and first Rice Uni Allcomers track meet and it's time to give that 800 and 1500/1600/mile (whatever they decide to run) another go. My coach thinks I have a better 800 in me than the 2:38 I ran last time and I think he's right. Despite being my event growing up, it's been a while (training not included) since I raced over that distance and I think I backed off a little more than I should have. 

I have a secret weapon this time too, H is coming with me! She is my sometime training partner who I especially like to hook up with at the track on a Monday evening. She will drag me round those 2 laps and I will try to let not that invisible chord joining us together get too long! I would like a faster mile time too and this could be my last attempt this summer for a competitive track meet. 
I feel more comfortable this time too having been once before and knowing a) where I'm going and b) what to expect when I get there and c) having a friend along for the ride doesn't hurt :)
I am desperate for one last bash at a 5k in June before it gets silly hot/humid but I'm not sure that's going to happen (I did find a nice 8k in South Hampton the same weekend we're planning on being there in July visiting my MIL so all may not be lost!)
Easy 5 this morning plus some core/arm work before this evenings track session. I almost feel like I'm running again, I can't wait until I can say I am running again! It's close I can feel it!!!!!

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  1. Read through some posts, I like the way you think. Good perspective and seems as if you have your head on straight. Best of luck in achieving all that you want.