Monday, June 11, 2012

Exciting times...

I had a great weekend of running, it was supposed to look like 12miles on Saturday with 3 at threshold pace and recovery 6 on Sunday but that morphed into 10 on Saturday with 3 at threshold and 10 easyish on Sunday. On Sunday I got to run with N, H and M (M is a guy I've ran with a couple of times now) and I really enjoy his energy and interesting stories (Sundays was about a relation of his and her impending boob job :D). 
It's so nice to get out and shoot the breeze with like minded people whilst 10 miles flash by virtually unnoticed! N and H had already done 10 when we met them so it was 20 for them.

Things said during those 10 miles include; relation X ought to go ahead with boob job, '50 Shades of Grey' is an appalling read, it's hard not to spoil you kids and have them grow up and be appreciative of everything they have living in the bubble that is Kingwood, a 'full C' is in fact a D, we want to find that feeling of running flow again.....I could go on but won't for fear of offending!

I also received an email from H asking if it was ok for her to get in touch with Coach Doug re coaching her! I have only been trying to get her and N to do that for the last few months! I am excited, hopefully if we're working to similar schedules we can try to hook up regularly, especially on a weekend, in the run up to Houston Marathon and beyond. The peer pressure will hopefully mean N will also bite the bullet and get in touch with Doug too. I am beginning to get my wish of a nice talented group to train with, it's pretty cool that they happen to be 30 something mothers of 3, just like me. I like it! We have a lot in common and understand exactly where each other is re kids and trying to fit running in around busy family life. We also have supportive husbands who put up with this running madness :)

I did an easy 6 on the treadmill this morning followed by some core work. This evening is an 800/200 track session, I might take the whole family along....maybe. 
I am also going to start to keep a training diary, I have been putting it off but it's time to keep track of all these miles I guess. 
I can't wait to get into some big miles, I am bursting to race again, I WANT a half to sink my teeth into. Come Autumn I will be fit to burst from lack of racing but hopefully that competitive side will be satisfied with some nice big PR's, in the mean time I just have to be patient (not my strongest point).


  1. That's so great that you're finding some similar running buddies! I just linked up with two new buddies this week, too... finally. :) I am feeling the same way about a half- I know my fitness has improved since my last one, but there is nothing around til October...

  2. That's great, it makes such a difference to run with others! I have been very clever (lucky) and found an amazing track runner and a mile monster so between them they can drag the best out of me, well that's the plan! :D
    I signed up for the run girl half in Deussen park in December and an 8k next month in Southampton whilst I'm there on holiday - it's not racing but signing up is sometimes a close second! I want to do the Houston half in.....October(?) too. Can't wait! What are you're plans? You might have it on your blog, I'll have a look when I get a chance.