Friday, June 8, 2012

All Comers..... bluch!

Should I start with my list of excuses? Ok. Tired, heavy legs, stomach cramps....that's all I've got. The good news is I shaved a whopping 2 seconds off my 800 time from the last meet, 2:36. The not so great news, I ran the mile too (that's 1609m folks) and it took me 5:48 to drag myself round thus the 'bluch'. 

The meet last night was some championship thing? so there were way more people there and thus lots more heats of each event than on the previous occasion. There was probably around an hour between the 800 and mile which didn't help my already heavy legs but hey ho you win some you lose some. 

My coach was there last night and whilst I was a bit disappointed to have such a stinker in front of him I gave it all I had and that was all I had.

I used to beat myself up so badly after disappointing performances in my previous running life. Add that to holding yourself to a very high (possibly unrealistic at times?) standard and that means a lot of beating up. I still have high standards for myself, I still want to be the best runner I can be but I like to think that I have learned something over the 17 years of my life when I stopped running and maybe this is it. I am disappointed but I will keep doing what I'm doing, keep working hard and the results will come. They ARE coming, after around 18 months back into the sport I am in good shape and getting faster. Did I mention I shaved 2s off my 800 time?! Onwards and upwards!

I didn't get home until after 11pm last night and in bed after midnight so a VERY late one for me. I am shattered this morning and have swim practice with my kids then a day at the zoo planned, so I will give my battle weary legs a rare day off today (I am also getting better at listening to my body and taking a rest when it needs it). Then it's up at the crack of dawn (4am) tomorrow to squeeze in 12 with a tempo 3 before our last home swim meet.
I WILL get there, I WILL get there (not sure where 'there' is but I WILL get there!)


  1. Your mile wasn't too far off of your current PR- great considering the wear of hard training! And, yes, that's good improvement on the 800 too :)

    Don't beat yourself up- just think of it in a different light- these were seriously hard workouts that will get you to your goals.

    Enjoy the swim time! That's great for recovery.

  2. I wish that were my poor mile time! I am in awe of your speed. I've actually never done a mile trial time, so I should do that sometime.
    I agree with Raina, try not to beat yourself up! But I know how easy it is to do when you have expectations for yourself that you don't meet... sounds like you have perspective- you're still improving, and you made tremendous progress over the past year!