Saturday, June 23, 2012

How a 5k kicked my butt!

Ok, you know the drill, excuses 1st. Next to no sleep the night before due to 3 year old middle cherub and feeling nervous about the race, 8am start which means it was already hot and humid (I asked about a possible 7am start in summer, they said they could do that - YES PLEASE!)

That's all I've got.

It was tough, but then 5k's are aren't they? I met with my 'mistress' group the one I cheat on my 'regular' group with at 6:30 and was driven in comfort and wonderful a/c to the Woodlands this morning. There were 6 of us, quite a crew and the whole journey was about running which I love. Goals were discussed, mine? I would love sub 19, 18:59 would be great. 

I warmed up well, jogged the course then a stretch and few strides. Then we were off, mile 1 6:07, same split as last time I ran this, mile 2 6:23, it really started to hurt at around 1.5miles, mile 3 6:34. So that's 19:47 and no where near the time I wanted, not even a PR today. I was 1st female and 4th overall for what it's worth. I was pooped, it was hot....I don't know. I'm trying to tell myself that things will get better come autumn/winter when the temperatures fall but I can't help feeling a bit frustrated. 

M asked me at the end what I thought went wrong. I told him I simply don't think I'm working hard enough. I emailed coach Doug similar thoughts a couple of days ago. I really miss the 5mile 'balls out' run I used to do around once a fortnight during those 1st 12 months back into running (now I know they are called threshold/tempo runs!) I think they are the main reason I managed to drag myself from 10 minute miles to 6:53 for the half within 12 months of taking up running again. I like to work hard and haven't been getting the same buzz from training for a while. I know all these track sessions will pay off and I think I'm just getting itchy feet to start on the marathon training for Houston, which begins next month. 

I do wonder whether I ought to run on holiday in the 8k I signed up for (Southampton firecracker, July 8th). We leave on Friday for Long Island and I feel like maybe I should take a break but will no doubt run. I will definitely go into it with a more relaxed attitude and enjoy it and take what I get. Plus the kids can come and watch and then we can get back to the serious business of enjoying ourselves on the beach.  

Also I missed Ramsay swim in his last swim meet, they got through the races more quickly this week due to less numbers and his usual 10:30 swim became a 9:30 one :( Neither of us PR'd, this was divisional's today and the 1st time he has swam at the High School. Anyway, he held onto the lane rope the whole way and told me he was scared as he thought there was a shark in the pool - and I thought I'd had a tough morning! Poor lamb, I told him he was very brave to swim the whole length, I'd have jumped straight out if I thought there was even a frog in there! 

Oh, this morning when I left we discovered a poster attached to a tree in the garden which read 'Go Ramsay, swim fast!'. Turns out the high school kids who help coach the kids had gone around Kingwood last night covering gardens and streets with signs and posters. I was so touched, what a great place to bring up kids. 

None of this helped my mother's guilt at getting a sitter and missing swimming, all to run what turned out to be a crap 5k. But we all survived, I'm not sure I'll do it again though (should have been there to save him from that damn shark!)

Oh, I did win a bag after the race in the raffle...... which I gave away. I have a strict policy that in order to compensate for my husbands hoarding tendencies I NEVER bring any stuff we don't need home! It's all that stops us from appearing on that show 'Hoarding Buried Alive'.

The real hero's of the day were P, who is 59 (female) and ran a 23:30 PR and L, who is 70(male) and finished a couple of seconds behind her. Incredible performances and in those conditions. They blow my mind actually, and take note running has some kind of Peter Pan effect because they do not look their age at all!

10 miles easy in the morning, well I hope it's easy but N didn't run today so she may (will definitely) push the pace, ugh. 


  1. That's still an impressive time, and first female, yay! But I understand your disappointment when you have a goal for yourself that you don't reach. I really do think the heat has a powerful effect on our performance... I'd try not to stress too much about it. Tx heat and humidity is intense!

  2. It is something else at the moment! I am thinking about doing my threshold pace miles on the treadmill when I get back from holiday (leave tomorrow for Long Island, hoping for slightly cooler less humid runs there!) Let's move to Colorado, or Maine (I have no idea what the weathers like it Maine but it looks so beautiful and I miss the coast AND think of all that hill training! Have I convinced you?! ;D

  3. I've been reading your blog since you posted on mine. :) Just wanted to tell you to hang tough. We've all been in your shoes- the bomb of a 5K... it happens! Just pick up and move on. You're a great runner, and more great things are in your future.

  4. Thanks, 5ks are TOUGH! Happy to kiss them goodbye and start building some miles. LOVE your blog, you are an inspirational runner!