Saturday, December 15, 2012


Today's 23 miler was pretty great in a few different ways. First off it capped another 100 mile week. 

I was charged with the first 17 being easy (probably averaged around 8:00/mile pace) then putting the last 6 in at 6:50 (marathon pace....allegedly). The final 6 miles went: 6:51, 6:51, 6:46, 6:50, 6:41, 6:31. 

Upon finishing  I stopped the watch, bent over and threw up! First time for everything, actually have done it before when I was around 9. Finished a cross country race and threw up due to car sickness from the journey down. Today wasn't down to the effort either, it was the gel I took after 13 miles. Today I had my 1st whole gel, having tried half last week I thought I'd give it a go. I started to feel ill at 20.5 miles but not bad enough for it to slow me down. Not sure what to do in the marathon, I can cope with feeling like that for 2.5 miles or so but much longer and it might affect my race. Will persevere.

It was hot and humid today, give me a break Houston! December 15th and my tshirt was soaked through and I started to get HOT during those last few faster miles. I told H at mile 19 'I want to take my t-shirt off so badly' to which she replied 'do it' (she was wearing a bra top but has the 6 pack to carry it off!). After a moments hesitation I thought '**** it' and off it came. It felt soooooo good, instantly 7 -10 degrees cooler, first time I've ever sported the somewhat skimpy sports bra look! It was very liberating, these guys have it easy with their bare chest training/racing that seems to very popular here in Houston! 

I have a real problem racing when its warm, I think I overheat very easily and have noticed a benefit since losing the baseball cap. Maybe I need to not worry about the fact my stomach is clearly one that has been stretched during 3 pregnancies and just get over it already. I think I will, if it keeps me cooler then it would be madness NOT to right? I just feel half naked and am pretty self-conscious...we'll see. 

H hasn't ran with me for a while and commented on how strong/fit I've become. I am gaining strength with every mile and am excited to see where some consistently high milage can take me next year.

This week also saw an 8 mile threshold run (6:30 pace on treadmill) as part of a 12 miler and the 'gut buster' which consists of mile, half and quarter mile reps, 2 of each with small recoveries then you get it all again! So mile, mile, half, half, quarter, quarter, and repeat. I was more tired at the end of Thursday than I normally am.

12 months ago I ran my 1st and to date only marathon in 3:13, it will be interesting to see how much I've progressed over that time. I know I'm a far better runner now but will the clock agree?! Time will tell.

Feeling like a very lucky girl to have found such a great coach and all round top bloke in Coach Doug and to have a wonderful training partner in H, if only I could persuade her to stay in Kingwood and not move to Colorado in a few months time :( 

Oh, upon finishing today's 23 I had to go into the Kroger where we park to grab some party favours for my soon to be 6 year olds party at........Chuck up Cheese's ;) (which I had an hour to get home, shower, eat and get the kids to). I ran and asked a girl at the cafe if they sold tshirts, 'yes, in the far corner', of course they would be! Remember I'm in effect in my underwear here. I then found and put on the largest t-shirt I have ever seen :D with some football moto on the front. I then grabbed a heap of crayons and pads of paper (buy 2 get one free YAS!) for the favours and scarpered unsure if the t-shirt was a more embarrassing look than the underwear. My t-shirt is hopefully still by the lake near my house where I tossed it, didn't have the energy this afternoon to take all the kids to go look for it. Will go first thing in the morning. 

Any  suggestions for good, super supportive sport bra top...things would be greatly appreciated. Preferably ones that make your stomach look ripped ;)


  1. I've got nothing on the bra front, but props to you for a ridiculous 23 miler! Good grief, that's so fast! You rock! Good for you, and keep it up!

    1. I think I'm somewhat living in the past with my request for a 'super supportive one' ;) Thanks, it's definitely coming! Hope you're getting some sleep with your new addition :)

  2. 23 miles, I did a 23km run on the weekend, and I thought that was long, but it is summer here in Africa, and yes it can get hot!!!

    On the bra front, all I can say is my wife always had fake tan on come summer so she could run "topless"

    Me on the other hand never wears a top, the closes I come is a Heart Rate Monitor strap maybe it would work the same as a bra!!!!

  3. My manicure involves biting my nails off (usually in the car) when I notice they're getting long and then discarding of them out of the window (this is possibly too gross to share?) I fear the fake tan will never happen. I will just continue to scare local residents with my pasty whiteness.
    You guys are no use when it comes to clothing advice.

    ps I have definitely seen guys whose heart rate monitors are also serving as some kind of supportive device :D

  4. Hi! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!
    (So excited you did so that I could find yours!)
    What a studly 23-miles!! you are definitely on route to PR in your upcoming marathon...are you racing the Houston 26.2?
    I wish I had advice on the gel & fueling...but I never train with fuel, so when I get in a race and take a gel my body freaks out (but usually runs faster!)...after my last marathon (I took 2-gels during) I'm still reeling at the thought of consuming sugar, and it was 2.5-weeks ago!
    I live in San Diego, lots of heat & humidity (i love it!) the best tanks ever are the lululemon racerback tanks. And I think the best sports bras are the Nike pro Compression.
    I hope you've been having a great week!

  5. I'd better PR! Yes, doing the full in houston. It will be my 2nd (well I'm running one on Saturday but it's just a training run) so technically it will be my 3rd.
    I don't eat anything during runs either and have been known to go 20+ miles with no water if it's cold. The whole fueling thing was/is worrying me but I think I've decided to not take anything other than maybe some gatorade at around the 18/20 mile mark on race day and see what happens. My coach (and Coach Dion above) don't think it's necessary so I'm going to ignore all the hype that surrounds this issue and try next to nothing!
    Thank you for the clothing suggestions although I hear 'lululemon' and think 2nd mortgage ;) I will look into them for sure!
    Well done on that sub 3 in those awful conditions, I found you somehow and your most recent post was about your great marathon PR! Worth a 2:55 on a good day me thinks ;) Wont be long before you're a 2:4? girl anyway, keep up the good work!

  6. Hi! I just found your blog through Raina's blog, small town runner, Love finding new running mom's to follow:)
    Wow - you are getting in some serious mileage! Best of luck to you on your upcoming marathon. Your training looks so strong. You will do great. I look forward to "following" along in 2013:)
    Happy New Year!
    feel free to check out my blog at