Saturday, December 22, 2012

2 for 2

I ran my 2nd ever marathon today, 'Day after the end of the world' as part of my build up to Houston in 3 weeks. It was just a training run and despite not running as slowly as I was supposed to it was still a fun, relaxed run (didn't wear my watch just enjoyed myself and went by feel).

I left home at 7am for an 8am race start, the race was only around 20 mins away form my doorstep. Had to get a babysitter for this one as my husband is still away (2 weeks down ???? weeks to go :( ). 

I ate breakfast as usual and decided against taking anything else during the run apart from a few gulps of gatorade and as much water as I felt I needed. It was a nice cold start and a constant breeze (at times fairly strong head wind) meant it never got too hot which I like. 
I started off with H, we had both been told to take it easy and hit 8-8:30 pace but after the 1st loop I got itchy feet and pulled away a little bit. 
I have found a groove in training and its just as uncomfortable to run slower than this pace as it is to run faster so I found my groove and stuck to it. Ok, so there was also one chick ahead of us and it was kind of bothering me (caught her fairly early on the 2nd loop). Then I started picking off some guys, which is always fun :)

The course was so much fun, definitely not a fast one, it was quite sandy underfoot at points with some undulating small hills and twisty and......wonderful actually. So different from the usual paths and roads that I am stuck on 100 miles a week, I had a blast! It reminded me of some cross country courses I ran growing up in Scotland, had a near the coast feel to it and no concrete just 100% trail :)

I got passed by a guy at the end of the 3rd loop and then we did a bit to yo-yo'ing before settling for running together and having a nice chat for the vast majority of the last lap. He had run the 'end of the world marathon' on the same course the day before. I told him I was taking it easy so if he wanted to leave me to go for it but he started to struggle with a couple of miles to go, I hung around and tried to encourage and story tell as much as I could to help pass the time for him but after a while I decided to leave him to it and scooted off for the finish where we arranged to meet in the pizza and coke line ;) I was CRAVING coke so badly during that last lap?! I very rarely drink it but it's all I could think about for the last few miles. 
Upon finishing, I was handed a HUGE finishers medal and my squeezy toy (a Steve Boone, race organizer, speciality) showing my finish place. A number 2? 'Emmm, I know I wasn't 2nd?' I informed the woman handing out the medals and toys. I thought I was 4th and saw the 3 guys who had finished ahead of me all still standing around the finish. So after 'being mum' and making sure they all had the right numbered toy, I left in search for my coke with my correct number 4 (1st female but Steve Boone doesn't discriminate!) Why do guys always need a woman to organise them ;)

Got my coke, found my lap 4 friend but passed on the pizza. My stomach has been playing up for the last week or so AGAIN. It's driving me nuts, I think I should probably go see a doctor but who has time for that? Anyway, I took a couple of imodium before the start and it did it's job, no toilet stops and only one bad spell during the 3rd lap. I suffered afterwards for a few hours but it's been way worse so no big complaints. 

Today was true running joy for me. No pressure, no watch, just fun. I had a blast. 

My time? 3:25 for a long 27 and change course (H and my lap 4 friend plus race organiser all said just over 27 miles). The race the day before was 28 miles so they must have shaved a little bit off for todays. Some people who I know ran yesterday and didn't like the course or the fact it was long but I didn't care. It was never going to be a fast one and I was relaxed about it and just happy to be there. 

So that's 2 marathons and 2 wins, I know this record is going to be short lived!

Some snaps:

 H feeling the cold

 The gang

 After the race, H face planted so we were comparing knees. She was fine!

Today's medal in on the left, the one on the right is from my other marathon (Texas marathon Jan 2012) both Steve Boone races. Both are huge but the Jan 1st one is the largest finishers medal in USA I believe! 

This bad boy weighs more than 3 lbs, todays was probably around 1lb Mr Boone does not mess around with his medals :D No special awards for age groups or 1st place, everyone gets the same which I like.


  1. Congrats on a ridiculously good race! I would have been so frustrated that the course was so much longer. Well, I would have really been struggling for sure. That medal is CRAZY HUGE!!!

    1. Thanks, I've never gone into a race so relaxed before, it wasn't about the clock or placing (although of course I got a tiny bit competitive!) so just relaxed and enjoyed all 27 and a bit miles of it! I had no idea what my time was or how far I'd run until I finished. The couple that organized it and other local marathons are incredible, they give so much of their time so people like me can turn up and have a well supported event so I would NEVER complain! It also meant an extra few minutes of freedom from my small friends ;) Have a merry 1st Christmas with your new addition, happy times :)

  2. Impressive, Vicky!! Fantastic job- I saw that race announced, but didn't know much about it. I love that your easy pace is better than my goal pace! So inspiring. Have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Thank you! I cannot say enough how much these big miles help. It's kind of obvious really, run lots and lots and you'll get....better ;) I feel like I've definitely lost a bit of weight (not that the scales show much difference but I feel it) and that helps too, but my 'fitness' is just so much better than it was. I think I mean aerobic capacity by fitness but not sure. It's a time suck and has been very hard with my husband being away for so long (rules out early morning runs) but I am loving it, running has become way less laboured and is starting to feel the way it used to when I was a teenager. Excited to see what I can do if I can stay healthy and string together high miles week in week out next year. Have done 10 this morning with 8 at threshold now I have to do 17 this afternoon as I can't run tomorrow and I'll still be on target for weekly total, I got told I was an addict at the Y today! Yes, yes I am ;) Merry Christmas. ps highly recommend Steve Boone races if you're looking for a fun low key type affair. I really enjoy smaller races so they suit me.

  3. Congratulations!!!! You are going to kill it in Houston! I loved your race report. You are a hoot!

    1. Thanks, I am full of doubt about Sunday but I believe that's par for the course with a taper????? I just want it to be Sunday already!!!!

  4. I can't believe I missed this earlier! A training run marathon!! AND a WIN!! Nice work!
    How kind of you to help along that guy- and leave him at the right time. ha!

    Really enjoyed reading through your comments here too. So much information in them.

    Love that HONKING huge medal!! Houston is going to be a giant PR for you :) Can't wait to see it happen.

    1. Did I mention he was young and cute, it was really my pleasure ;D Houston better be a PR or I will have to disappear from the world of blog entirely :D