Sunday, March 10, 2013

easy fix?

21 miles, 0 pit stops! After literally months of stopping 3/4 times every run (that's a lot of stopping and a little bit frustrating when you're putting in 90/100 + miles a week) today I had a pain free, stop free run, all 21 miles of it. The difference, no milk or oatmeal for a few days. Goodbye forever oatmeal and lovely, lovely milk :(

I got so caught up in my other recurring problem (bleeding) that I was convinced the two had to be related but it was just plain old diet. I should have learned this lesson already but forgot it somehow along the way. Need to make a note to myself and put it on the fridge perhaps. 

I will maybe give oatmeal a go in a few weeks time with almond or soy milk, just incase it is just the milk that's hurting me but for now I am happy to not dabble. 

So here's hoping that's an end to my troubles and I can get back into enjoying me some big miles. Keep everything crossed for a spot for me in Chicago marathon, find out on Tuesday! 


  1. Roll on Tuesday...

    and we hope that this is the real answer and you can go from strenth to strenth.

    PS I would give you a spot in Chicago marathon, but it's not up to me...

    1. Got a spot! I wouldn't normally shout from the roof tops so quickly but the difference cutting dairy has made is incredible and immediate. Fingers crossed that's all behind me now, I feel like a brand new runner!

  2. Yay! I'm glad you've got it figured out!!! I recently tried some almond milk, and it was fantastic! I may have to do the switcheroo too soon! Great job on 21 miles too!

    1. If you have issues and suspect dairy I say cut it out and see if it helps. I feel like a million bucks, happy days.
      Got a spot in chicago too, I am one happy runner :)