Monday, September 3, 2012

What a difference a day makes

Last night I set the alarm for 5:45am so I could go meet H at the track for our 1000's and 200's session but had a strong feeling I wouldn't be running when morning came. I have had a bit of a problem, nothing major in my left foot/ankle area but last night it just got very stiff and very sore - totally out of nowhere! I was actually lying on the coach watching a film about Western States when it happened. I iced it and went to bed deflated but also completely hooked on the idea of running an ultra - something i NEVER thought would happen!

I met H at 6:30 as planned, ran the w/u then bailed on her. There was no way I was going to manage and I didn't want to make it worse. So on H's advice I iced and took ibuprofen, and iced and iced and iced and it is so much better already. I think it's tendonitis and am hoping it will be very short lived, I won't run tomorrow no matter how good it feels. I am not the kind of gal who wants to go turning a little problem into a big one. That and I have promised myself I can make up my lost mileage by doubling up later int he week, when I'm hopefully feeling 100%. 

Ok, back to Western States. M and N who I run with mostly at the weekend are part of a group that contains some serious ultra guys. M has himself run a 50 and I think a 100, too. I  have honestly never paid too much attention to their tales of vomit inducing 100 mile races, it held NO appeal to me whatsoever. I mean why on earth would you want to do that to yourself - you'd have to be completely nuts, and I, ladies and gentlemen am not completely nuts. 
But oh my word. That race is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I cannot get over the effect watching these guys race - RACE 100 miles has had on me. Am I going to run the Western States before I die, of course I am! It would be stupid not too! 

I grew up running through fields, climbing fences, trying to avoid the bull in the field of cows, etc etc etc. I love to be present in the moment when I'm running and to feel free. I can't imagine feeling more free than being let loose on 100 miles! Ok, so I definitely have a romantic notion about all of this, I know the reality will be anything but romantic but I am so excited that I have now added this realm into my running goals. 

I have pencilled in 2017 for my Western States debut, if I pull it off (you have to qualify right, by running a 50?) it will be my 40th birthday present to myself. 

Then Iron Man of course! 

I very rarely surprise myself but my complete flip on ultra running has shocked me! It's a good lesson for me to be more open to opportunities rather than ruling them out because I 'know' they're not for me. 

(Sooooooo excited!)

I'm still giving myself 5 years to get that marathon time as fast as I can ;)


  1. I'm also VERY tempted to do a 100. I did my first ultra last year, 50K only, and it was awesome.

    Hope your ankle feels better soon!

  2. Quick recovery on the foot!!!
    Western States would be an incredible race. I don't feel anywhere near ready for something like that, but i am amazed by some of the repeat performances there. My Aunt lives very near the course. It is spectacular!

  3. Foot all better! I've had a couple of problems in the past (when I wasn't running) and worked out it's always down to wearing sandals with not enough support or they've become so worn they start to cause a problem). Hate shopping but maybe need to up the rate at which I replace my shoes! Thank goodness, I would climb the walls if I got injured., touch wood touch wood touch wood!