Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Training Schedule's in!

It's probably silly how excited I get when I get my next few weeks in from Coach Doug. I immediately scan to the end of each week to see what the total miles are, then I check out what my long runs are and then it's Threshold Monday and Wednesday that holds my interest! 

This week has been the highest mileage at 53. Tomorrow heralds a 10 mile recovery run and so beings a 58 mile week :) 

The next few weeks look like this mileage wise:

58, 37, 63, 50, 69, 41(this week has Ten for Texas so involves a taper). 

Long runs go :

15, 10, 15, 12, 17, 13(Ten for Texas race day)

There will continue to be 2 threshold days a week in there too. I am excited to get these runs checked off and see what's next! I want big miles so much and long long runs but will have to exercise patience. 

Today's 14 miles was tough. It is HOT out there and humidity is sky high again but I got them done and on target pace so I'm happy. Ran with M, H and N which I LOVE. I popped an Allegra beforehand and think it helped a lot. I couldn't manage 10 miles the previous day, felt like I couldn't breathe and had to keep stopping but whilst today was tough because of the temps otherwise it was a much more solid run and I didn't feel like someone had chopped off half my lungs as I had the previous day. 
I went into Kroger afterwards to fill up my water bottle and must have looked a sight in my socks and dripping wet, I got a few glances from the early morning shoppers. I wonder what people must think of us runners - completely off our heads I imagine, maybe they're right! M was talking about all the people he sees out running at 10, 11am and we were all in agreement that they were crazy - it's sooooo hot by then. I pointed out a lot of people might think we are CRAZY to be out here sweating our proverbials off during 14 miles in this heat and humidity on a holiday weekend - one persons happy is another persons reason to be committed! 

I have 10 recovery to look forward to tomorrow so I get to feel like I'm running decentish miles this weekend AND it's with H and N so good company too.  

I need new trainers so badly. I've had my high milage ones since May and the soles are worn right down at the front, the heels and middle look good as new, it's funny to think I'm paying all this money for what feels like a few mm's of sole at the toe end of these shoes! 

Got some wearables in for the running group I started, going to meet some of the ladies tonight to hand them out. I am such a social recluse, it's Saturday night and I'm kind of dreading having to venture out (we're meeting at 7pm) but I'll only go for an hour and then back home to chill out before an undoubtedly early bed. I will have to agree to watch the 2nd Sherlock Homes with my hubbie tonight though, I have been putting it off all week, by the time I get the kids down and then watch a movie it's way past my bed time (which has been 8:xx all week!) I think he feels a little cheated, he married a bit of a party girl and now he has 'tucked up in bed by 9pm girl'. 

Running team gear, thank you Middle Sister!


  1. I like your mileage schedule! It is TOO hot my 11 here, so I bet it is there for sure. :)

    Funny about the party girl in bed by 9. My hubby likes the late night movies too.

  2. I feel the same way about anyone out after 10am... it's miserable at 6am! I just signed up for the Space City ten miler, the same weekend. I'm excited to race again! Although my speed has disappeared with some time off this summer... hoping to recover some before race day. Even at my best, I'd be far behind you. :)