Sunday, May 27, 2012

Training Negotiations 

So last week was a disaster as far as fitting in training around the kids, school, swimming, soccer, life.....etc. 

I have been struggling to find the routine that suits me and the kids best since taking up running again 16 months ago. I find that evening sessions are very hard as I either have to put the kids down or rush out the door and leave it to my husband the second he's home from work which isn't ideal. I am also cream crackered by 7pm and the last thing I want to do is head to the track to put in some mile reps! 
I also like to go to the Y each day as it provides me the routine I love and I'll be honest, I enjoy to get a break from the kids and the creche and women who work in it are wonderful! But I don't like being longer than an hour and I rush the core work at the end of my run or miss it completely if I feel I've taken too long. 

Since upping to 2 track sessions a week (Mon/Wed), which I do of an evening, I missed my morning Y session so added 2 extra easy 6 miles + core sessions on Mon/Wed morning, just to keep the routine I mentioned above. 

My coach is happy for me to add miles and takes all my concerns on board in designing each weeks sessions. 

I think I have finally worked out the best solution to all my training problems! I need to get my running done by 6am. Easy, except my husband has the early morning slot to exercise :( But after pleading my case he has agreed that I can go early and he will work around me. He will still make 3 spin classes a week before work and can make up the 2 he'll now miss at the weekend or of an evening. So it's taken me 16 months but I am now happy that I will get all my 'serious' sessions done by 6am, except for 1 track session which will still be Mon evening but only for the summer. I will still hit the Y every day around 8:45am to do some easy miles and some more structured strength training. I have been doing some core work but ignoring my arms completely, so I can now address this and not be worried about the kids being in the creche for too long. 

I feel happy that I won't miss any training this way, if I miss a Y session it's no big deal, they are just added extras after all. 

On another note, I have started to actually use the roller I bought a couple of months ago, I use it every day and LOVE it. I think it helps with recovery and hurts so good! I also put some ice in a cold bath and hop in after my long Saturday run, something I start to look forward to around mile 9, Houston is getting hot and sticky, here comes summer :s

So 4am to rise every day, AND I'll get to run outside instead of on the treadmill all the time. Let's see how this goes.....


  1. It is so hard when both adults in the household exercise. I am lucky that my husband does not like working out in the morning, so I always get my runs out of the way first. Are you training for short distances now? You and I have very similar PRs:)

  2. We did have similar PRs until you blew your 5k one out the window!!!! I started to run again in Jan 2011 after a 16 year rest ;D and have just recently started doing 2 track sessions a week and dropping my milage a bit in order to concentrate on speed this summer before attacking that marathon PR come Jan '13. So yes, training for shorter distances over the summer but with the long term plan being that it will help my marathon time.
    What sort of work have you been doing to get that 5k time so fast? I'd love 18:30 by the end of the summer but that is very ambitious I admit!

  3. It's not easy for moms, is it??? I am sure you will make it work though. I have been getting up at 4am for months now to get my miles in and i promise that it gets easier and your body gets used to it (although I am completely useless by 8pm every night!) Good luck with the training!

    1. I have been getting up early a couple of days a week but have been fighting having to do it every day but it's the only time that makes sense, even if the kids are sick I will still get my run in (does that sound awful?!) I saw from your blog that you get up early every day and thought well if she can do it with 12 kids I can make it happen with 3! You're right, you do get used to it but I will have to go to bed around 8, I NEED my sleep. Not long until your next marathon, I'm excited for you. I think you are going to do really well, no pressure ;)

  4. That sounds like a great plan! I'm so impressed with those of you who can get up in the wee hours to run. 6am is early for me! But you're right- it's getting HOT in Houston already... we'll see how summer running goes!