Thursday, May 17, 2012

My first year back running

I have my first track meeting tonight at Rice Uni and my first competitive (?) 800 and 1500 in..... oh around 18 years and I am nervous. I think it helps to remind ourselves how far we've come sometimes, I need a confidence boost today thus the photos! Besides, everyone loves a good before and after ;)  

 I swear I felt MUCH thinner :D (I had baby #3, 4 months prior to this, just fyi!) 1st race 5k in Jan 2011 4 weeks back into running after 16 year break!

 Chip time was 24:?? I forget. This race hurt.

 Houston Rodeo 10k, Feb '11 50:??, this also hurt....a lot.

 Feeding Harry his breakfast before 1st ever half marathon - Angies (see below)
 'Angies half crazy' in March '11 new PR! VERY sore stomach throughout :(

 Kind of fell into a tri in May '11
 That's me with the left arm out the water, 1st 1st timer (1st in age group too, had I entered it!)

 Tri that became a duathlon in Aug '11
 1st after 1 mile run, this is me down to 5th after the bike section
 Caught them all on the final 3 mile run, 1st in age group 4th overall :)

 Best trophy ever

 Hilly Huntsville half Oct '11, new PR 1:34, 23 mins off old one!

 Rungirl half, Dec '11 1st in AG, 3rd overall nice PR, official time showing on the clock!!!!!

 Jan 1st 2012, about to leave for 1st ever marathon, start only 5 mins from my house :)

Texas Marathon 4 loop race, 2nd overall (was leading until end of 3rd lap)
 1st female 3:13 - new PR!

Give or take a race or 5, that was it in a nutshell!.....still very nervous.


  1. Good luck Vicky!!! You are so fast and so strong. I am sure you will do wonderful tonight!!! I will be cheering you on from Wyoming and can't wait to hear all about it. Hugs!

  2. Oh my! First marathon and 3:13? Wow! That is just awesome...and i can't even imagine. Your long distance race times are really getting faster. My first half marathon and yours are very similar in finish time.

    Hope that the track night is loads of fun and that you also have some great 800 and 1500 races!