Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It's been a while!

I haven't updates this for quite some time now and this will be a quickie!
I have the Chicago marathon on Sunday and thought that deserved an update I guess, time will tell. 
I have only raced twice since the Houston marathon back in January, which was my 2nd marathon where I finished in a PR 3:01. 
Since then I have done a small local 5k and 10k, both were abysmally slow but I'm hoping that's in part due to Houston summer heat/humidity.
I have been training consistently and have averaged around 90 miles/week for what feels like forever. I peaked at 124 miles and I think my stand out sessions were 14 miles at 6:30 an 8 miles @ 6:11, both on the treadmill. 
The vast majority of my runs have been done on the treadmill, hundreds of miles all summer long, the reason - to hit the paces set and avoid the Houston summer. 
So on Friday I will board a plane solo and have a couple of days sightseeing before running, hopefully, my fastest marathon to date.
I am leaving the kids and hubbie behind which I am nervous about but I hope to enjoy myself and not spend the whole time missing them. 
My goal...... I'd really like 2:54. Having not raced it's hard to know where I'm at but I don't have too much longer to wonder. 
Oh, one other thing. Before Houston, and indeed pretty much since I started running again I have had stomach issues. I was having to stop 3/4 times every run in the weeks leading up to Houston and there was a fair amount of blood involved. Well, I am all cured.
I have cut out gluten and whilst I think it has helped the thing that made the, literally overnight difference, was taking around 1.5 tbs of Psyllium husk at night before I go to bed. It's a fibre supplement and basically gives a good 'clear out' (sorry!) first thing and then I have ZERO problems both during and after runs. I literally haven't had any issues since trying it, sooooooo happy. It's so nice to be able to run and not have runs interrupted. Happy days!


  1. Racing a marathon is so hard, the head plays games with you and I alway find myself reading my log book... Then the questions come, have I done enough? can I reach my goal? I hope the questions are all answered and you burn up the road!!!

    Good Luck

    Am I right is saying Chicago is a good one to go for, I remember something like 90-100 ladies under 3 hours, so I hope to see your name there!

  2. Rest, regroup, & recharge. I know coach Doug likely has a good plan for Houston and based on my experience, if you allow it, there's some magic on that course!