Saturday, April 28, 2012

Quest for Speed!

This morning arrived at 4.30am for me and with it came the 1st test of whether all the hard work I'm putting in on the track was in fact producing the desired result - SPEED!

I left at 6:15am and  travelled up to the Luke's Locker 5k in the Woodlands. I have only run 2 previous 5k's and managed a 25:?? back in Jan 2011, and 19:58 in Feb 2012 (both at Bridgefest here in Kingwood). I  really wanted my time on this occasion to start with 18, 3rd times a charm after all! 

I have been suffering for over a week with a stomach issue that is definitely on the way out but has left my very crampy and bloated. This morning was no different but I just hoped it wouldn't affect my run. I decided to try to hold back in the 1st mile as I have a habit of starting off too fast and paying for it. 
There was a decent crowd there and on the start line we got chatting to a guy who told us 'see that girl in the yellow, she'll do around 17:40', ok I won't be running with her then!! He also pointed out another guy who would do around 18:50 - 19mins so someone I could potentially hang onto. 

My 1st mile felt good 6:07 and in 5th place behind girl in yellow and 18:50ish guy amongst others. Maybe should have tried to be more conservative and this is definitely something I want to experiment with. I aim to do a few of these 5k's over the summer, they are run the 2nd and 4th Sat of the month and I can use them as a nice gauge for how I'm going speed wise. 
Mile 2 6:24, tried to relax, maybe a bit too much and found myself in 3rd place, 18:50ish wasn't up for it today so I passed him and 1st and 2nd place were a good bit ahead so I found myself in my usual no mans land.
Mile 3 6:19, now this is progress, I did struggle during this mile but didn't do what I have been up until now and die a horrible death. My last mile wasn't my slowest and I'm very happy with that! 

My final time 19:30 (PR), definitely doesn't start with 18 but I'll take my new 28s PR and be happy(ish). My stomach was sore but I don't think it affected me during the race, the same cannot be said of later that morning, whilst watching my 5 year olds soccer game (cramp city :s)!

I have put in a few weeks now with 2 track sessions and have been working hard on trying to get some speed into these legs. I have a very strong feeling that the faster I can get over 800, 1500, 5k the faster I will run in the marathon. So my target, and I admit it's a tough one is to reach 18:30 or as close to it as I can over the course of the summer then maybe, just maybe that sub 3 hour will be a reality come Houston 2013. 


  1. Wow- you're so speedy! I'm inspired by your blog, and how you're getting into serious running again post-kids. I look forward to following your journey as you go for the Houston sub-3! I don't think I'm running it this year, but I'll be there cheering, so I'll add you to my 'people to cheer for' list! :)

    1. Thanks! A cheer would be hugely appreciated, maybe around mile 20 you could remind me how badly I want that time! Sounds like you've run Houston before, how did you find it? I am new to this blog world but find so much inspiration through other peoples stories and experiences, that and it's nice to know I'm not the only nutter out there running! Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it :)